About us

Recreation and Development Union


Recreation and Development Union (RDU) unites business representatives and was registered in the Haskovo District Court on October 3, 1997.

It has been actively working since 1999. The projects implemented so far are related to building local partner networks, training / professional and civic /, improving awareness and democratization of local communities by building partnerships between: NGOs, young people, business, academia and public institutions. The protection of the environment accompanies the implementation of almost all projects of the association.

Our goal is to work to improve the awareness, knowledge and skills of young people and citizens by improving the social and business environment and to create conditions for equalizing the chances for social integration and realization of vulnerable social groups mainly in the Haskovo region, as well as to we provide support to those who know and can for a more successful and dignified social and professional realization.


RDU offers the following services: organization of seminars, conferences, courses, round tables, workshops, discussions and debates. Preparation and publication of training materials, manuals, brochures, leaflets, CDs, information materials, videos and more. Conducting sociological and social surveys, analyses and forecasts. Development of strategic and planning documents at different levels and in different areas and directions serving local and regional policy. Supporting various public-private partnerships that support the implementation of local policies and improve citizen service. Development of documents for conducting tender procedures, projects and business plans, consultations of municipalities, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations. Organizing exhibitions, exhibitions, concerts, competitions, contests and other activities related to the projects implemented by RDU, its partners or contractors.


RDU develops economic activity and has so far carried out a series of:

  • Sociological research;
  • Analyses, strategies, programs and projects mainly in the field of local government, ecology, tourism, culture and rural development;
  • Training and information campaigns, as well as their logistics;
  • Advertising and information materials, guides and manuals and good practices;
  • Preliminary, interim and ex-post evaluations and reports for registration of achieved strategic, project and institutional results;
  • Documents for specific tender procedures;
  • Consultations related to the development and management of projects with European funding, as well as their management;
  • Business plans, market analyzes and research, financial and marketing plans for market realization of innovative products.